Why not use what is free? Paul Kuenn will show you how with solar energy

Solar Thermal - Water/Glycol

Solar hot water/glycol panels heat an underground tank to warm a greenhouse all winter.

The power of the sun is free. From Roman times that solar thermal power from solar energy was used to heat homes and businesses saving energy. 

Solar Thermal - Hot Air

Solar hot air panel delivers thousands of BTUs when the sun is shining.

Solar energy with thermal hot air panels can instantly heat space and water. Saving energy & almost 70% of heating cost. Appleton, WI has about 4.7 hours of sun per day.

Solar Photovoltaic - PV

Solar PV on the left, Solar thermal on the far right.

The sun is always shining throughout the day whether it is cloudy or not and adding solar energy to our planet. Photons can power up a house or charge an electric car. Solar thermal panels can heat water or air and saving energy at the same time.

Solar Power Combined

A combination of all solar technologies can heat, cool and power any home.

Solar energy using PV and solar thermal can run an entire home but saving energy first is critical. Why give utilities your hard earned cash? We have plenty of sun over Appleton, WI to make it work.

The Pretty Good House

Adding layers to the exterior can seal a house and keep the mess outside.

Before you add solar energy with solar PV or solar thermal, you need to make sure your home is not wasteful by saving energy. A super insulated house keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Ours in Appleton, WI is proof that it works.

Organic Solar Farming

Solar heating is part of greenhouse basics but how about storing heat for early and late plantings?

Small farms need to use renewable solar energy sources for  saving energy to keep cost down. Solar thermal applications work well for off season growing. Even in Appleton, WI