Services of Paul Kuenn

Service #1

A pretty good home is one that serves you well. It should be warm when cold and cool when warm.



Would you like your older house to become a zero energy home? If no room or sun for solar, at least Paul Kuenn can change your home enough to use 75-90% less energy for heating and cooling. Think about how much you’d save in a year NOT paying large bills to the utility company.

The average home built before the 1990s has an ACH (Air Changes per Hour) of 6-10. Pre 1970s about 15-20ACH. Even new homes are at 3.9ACH. Why would you want all your heated or cooled air to be leaving the house that many times per hour? Our weak codes call for NO testing. Smart states seek  25 cfm50 per square or about 3ACH.

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First, 3 steps are needed.

1. Overview of house (how it is insulated) and type of heating and cooling system. Will you need new windows?

2. Review options and create contract for house retrofit.

3. Blower door test to see how much air leakage there is (to stop waste in heating and cooling)

4. Seal and add insulation in attic

5. Add insulation to foundation walls

6. Add insulation to house walls above ground

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Service #2

Approaching an untouched wall in the Bighorns of Wyoming.

Multi-image Slide Presentations

by Paul Kuenn

1. Why Climbing? Explore the endless possibilities of self examination while climbing difficult mountain faces around the world. 

2. Explore Lake Superior regions from canoeing the Apostle Islands, ice climbing south and north shores & backpacking Pukaskwa National Park, Canada. 

3. Climbing in Ecuador: Ascend many glaciated peaks including the furthest point from the center of the earth.

4. Solar Farming: How solar energy can heat and power a house as well as cold climate green houses.

5. One Man's Quest for Energy Independence: Deep Energy Retrofit. How I took a 1964 wasteful house to one that pays us back and is now very comfortable.

6. Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Follow me while I hiked from the border of Mexico to Canada through the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges.

7. Explore the SW desert canyons: Wilderness trips into the largest canyons of Arizona, Colorado & Utah.

8. Trekking in Nepal. Explore the Gokyo Ri valley on the way to Cho Oyu.

9. Superior Ice: See the best of ice climbing along the shores of Lake Superior.

Service #3

Leaking plumbing led to big ceiling issues.

Handy Man Maintenance

You need a quick fix on your house? Whether it's a rotted exterior siding, leaking plumbing or a hole in the ceiling, I can fix it! I've been in the building and landscaping industry for over 40 years and have seen about everything. 

Your yard should be an oasis from everyday grind, a paradise. Better yet it should provide some healthy food as well. A solar powered water feature is very soothing. Rain water can be captured to keep everything green. Did your know a 1200 square foot roof produces 800 gallons of water with just a half inch of rain in an hour? That's a lot of runoff heading for your foundation.